Scriptwriter and Author


I'm now offering script reading, prose feedback and proofreading services via my web site. I've tried to make my rates as reasonable as possible, and I'll turn things around quickly (shorter pieces and most scripts should be within a week). My general approach is to be constructive and friendly. As a working writer, I know how invaluable a fresh pair of eyes and an external view can be - I've paid for such services myself in the past, and frankly expect to again. No one truly writes in a vacuum.

What exactly are you offering?
For scripts, I'll read anything from short films to pilot episodes of dramas to feature films, looking at areas such as structure, character, dialogue and originality. I'll produce a report suggesting areas where I feel things could be improved, and commend you on things the script does well. (I imagine in most cases the report for a full-length script will be at least three or four pages in length, but it will all depend on the script and I'm certainly not going to set an upper limit.) Though I'll have one eye on the market place, the most important thing is to see if I can help you make your script - especially if it is a calling card - as strong and engaging as possible. People will always be interested in brilliant scripts - in characters they've never quite seen before, in going on journeys that get the mind racing and the heart beating. (I'll assume, in these days of scriptwriting packages and readily available templates, that the thing is formatted professionally, but I'm happy to advise on that as well.)

For prose, I can offer a similar type of generalized feedback - concentrating on my reactions to your story or novel as a reader - or a full-on proofreading sweep prior to submission or indeed publication. There's nothing worse than having the flow of one's reading (as punter or professional) interrupted by typos or grammatical howlers. I will also proofread non-fiction by arrangement.

What experience have you got of doing this? What sorts of books/scripts do you like reading?
Very good questions - please see my blog for a little more information.

Cut to the chase... How much will it cost?
I've had a look at what others are charging (and checked the minimum rates for proofreading set out by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders) and I'm going to try to keep things simple. And affordable. I've listed my basic rates in the sidebar.

You'll see that feedback on a 10 page short film script will cost £15, and a 60-minute pilot script for television would be £67.50. A 120-minute movie script comes in at £127.50. Feedback on a 5000 word short story will cost £25; the first 15,000 words of a novel would be £70.00. A 90,000 word novel comes in at £370. Proofreading your 20,000 word novella will cost £140, and your 120,000 word epic will be £790. Any queries - about pricing, or anything - do drop me a line. Once I know you're happy, I'll send you my PayPal details, and once I've received your payment and file(s), I'll start work.

Also, as I'm just starting out, I'm offering a 10% reduction to members of the Writers' Guild or Society of Authors - it sounds like a cliché, but I really do believe that we're stronger together. Everyone who is serious about their craft should be a member of at least one of these fine organisations.