Scriptwriter and Author

I have been a freelance writer for over twenty years, and am a regular contributor to BBC1's Doctors. I was lead writer on CBBC's Crisis Control and have also worked on Channel Five's Family Affairs. I'm the author of ten novels and audiobooks, and eight non-fiction books, mostly concerning television in general and Doctor Who in particular. I've also written plays, comic strips, short stories and journalism.

I am represented by JFL Agency Ltd (scripts) and The Marsh Agency (books). Click on Contact Me for more details.

I am a member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain and BAFTA.

Latest News

15 January 2014
My copy of the Bernice Summerfield Missing Persons boxset arrived yesterday. It's been a bit delayed, but it's now available to buy from Big Finish. I haven't yet been able to listen to it all, but what I've heard is excellent, and I'm very pleased to be writing for Benny for the third and final time.

31 October
Quick update to say I have another episode of Doctors (my thirteenth!) on next week. 'The Way of the Warrior' stars Kirk Barker and Cameron Jack, and is directed by Rob Rohrer. In due course it will appear on iPlayer via this link.

17 October
I'm chuffed to be able to announce - albeit belatedly! - that various TV guides I worked on with Paul Cornell and Keith Topping are being republished by Gollancz as eBooks. I've even, for some unaccountable reason, started a blog, and written about the news there. Published on 31 October, the eBooks - including The Doctor Who Discontinuity Guide - should be available from the usual suspects.

27 September
'Embarrassing Bodies', my latest episode of Doctors, is on today. It stars Ritu Arya, James Baxter and Jason Broderick, and is directed by Simon Gibney. Oh, and there's some fabulous Billy Bragg music right at the start! I think it's all come out rather well, and if you'd like to have a look, it's available on iPlayer here for about a week.

16 August
The Thirteen anthology, which contains my story 'The Hairstyle of the Devil', read by Arthur Darvill, is released on 24 August by Spokenworld Audio. You can buy it here!

15 July
'The Way of the Warrior' is now locked! And it should be on your screens in early November.

7 June
...And I've gone straight into writing another Doctors! This one is called 'The Way of the Warrior'. Probably.

4 June
I've finished working on my next episode of Doctors, which is now called 'Embarrassing Bodies'. Filming starts in a week or two.

31 May
I'm equally pleased to say that my short story 'The Hairstyle of the Devil', released as part of the forthcoming Thirteen anthology on CD and download by Spokenworld Audio, is read by none other than Arthur Darvill! Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, Simon Clark and Mark Morris are among the other authors. Readers include Lalla Ward, Francis Barber, Gemma Arterton and Samuel West. More details here.

14 May
I'm pleased to announce that my play 'The Revenant's Carnival' will be issued on CD and download by Big Finish as part of the Bernice Summerfield: Missing Persons boxset in September. Written and recorded last year, it stars Lisa Bowerman, Thomas Grant, David Warwick and Susan Vidler. More details here.

17 April 2013
I've just been commissioned to write another episode of Doctors, provisionally entitled 'What She Said'. Hurrah!