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News - 2018

7 November
I went into the studio a few weeks back, to observe my new Doctor Who thing being recorded for Big Finish. I can't say much about it yet, other than that (as you can tell from the photograph below) it stars Frazer Hines and Simone Lahbib (Wire in the Blood, Bad Girls). More details soon. Ish.

(Above is a little picture of me talking to Fay Weldon last month. I've just noticed I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures. Oh dear...)

12 October
It's my great honour to be interviewing Fay Weldon at the Yeovil Literary Festival on Sunday 28 October. You can get tickets from here.

(By the way, I've not been able to update this website for quite some time - but that doesn't mean I've been resting on my laurels. The last year or two have been ridiculously busy, and I hope to be able to announce some new and exciting things soon.)

News - 2017

11 May
I've just been interviewed on the latest of Danny Stack and Tim Clague's UK Scriptwriters podcasts. I talk about my time on Doctors and Family Affairs, my work on the Guinness Book of Records, and my various Doctor Who novels. We also try to tackle one key issue: does the 'career ladder' for TV writers still exist? Click here if you're interested, and do check out their other podcasts.

News - 2016

30 September
I'm equally delighted to announce that, as of next week, I will be an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, teaching on the undergraduate Genre Fiction module.

31 August
I'm delighted to say I'm the new Wessex regional rep for the Writers' Guild of Great Britain. I'm still finding my feet, and I hope to get in touch with all the Guild members in the region soon, but if you need to get in touch with me for any reason, you can do via the link here.

News - 2015

25 October
My second ep of Fair City was on RTÉ One on 14 October; it's still available on RTÉ Player for a few more days.

7 July
My first episode of Fair City is on RTÉ One in Ireland this Thursday (9 July) at 8pm. After that it will be available worldwide on RTÉ Player.

4 June
The First Doctor Companion Chronicles box set was released yesterday. It features The Unwinding World by Ian Potter, The Founding Fathers and The Locked Room by Simon Guerrier, and my Susan story The Sleeping Blood. It can be bought direct from Big Finish here.

13 May
In February I was asked to write for RTÉ's soap Fair City (series 26, episode 111, to be precise). Work was (largely) completed by the end of April, and yesterday I was asked to write another, so I think it's time to share the news! I'm off to Dublin again next week, and I will post a link to RTÉ Player here in due course. My first TV commission(s) of 2015. Hurrah!

17 April
I'm pleased to announce that my first commission of 2015 is an audiobook for Big Finish's forthcoming First Doctor Companion Chronicles box set. In actual fact, my work was completed back in February, and I had the very great pleasure on Monday of hearing the wonderful Carole Ann Ford bring my story to life, under the expert eye of director Lisa Bowerman. A magical experience, and I'm sure the end result will be just as amazing. More details direct from Big Finish here. It's scheduled for release in June.

News - 2014

15 January
My copy of the Bernice Summerfield Missing Persons box set arrived yesterday. It's been a bit delayed, but it's now available to buy from Big Finish. I haven't yet been able to listen to it all, but what I've heard is excellent, and it was lovely writing for Benny again.

News - 2013

31 October
Quick update to say I have another episode of Doctors (my thirteenth!) on next week. 'The Way of the Warrior' stars Kirk Barker and Cameron Jack, and is directed by Rob Rohrer. In due course it will appear on iPlayer via this link.

17 October
I'm chuffed to be able to announce - albeit belatedly! - that various TV guides I worked on with Paul Cornell and Keith Topping are being republished by Gollancz as eBooks. I've even, for some unaccountable reason, started a blog, and written about the news there. Published on 31 October, the eBooks - including The Doctor Who Discontinuity Guide - should be available from the usual suspects.

27 September
'Embarrassing Bodies', my latest episode of Doctors, is on today. It stars Ritu Arya, James Baxter and Jason Broderick, and is directed by Simon Gibney. Oh, and there's some fabulous Billy Bragg music right at the start! I think it's all come out rather well, and if you'd like to have a look, it's available on iPlayer here for about a week.

16 August
The Thirteen anthology, which contains my story 'The Hairstyle of the Devil', read by Arthur Darvill, is released on 24 August by Spokenworld Audio. You can buy it here!

15 July
'The Way of the Warrior' is now locked! And it should be on your screens in early November.

7 June
...And I've gone straight into writing another Doctors! This one is called 'The Way of the Warrior'. Probably.

4 June
I've finished working on my next episode of Doctors, which is now called 'Embarrassing Bodies'. Filming starts in a week or two.

31 May
I'm equally pleased to say that my short story 'The Hairstyle of the Devil', released as part of the forthcoming Thirteen anthology on CD and download by Spokenworld Audio, is read by none other than Arthur Darvill! Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, Simon Clark and Mark Morris are among the other authors. Readers include Lalla Ward, Francis Barber, Gemma Arterton and Samuel West. More details here.

14 May
I'm pleased to announce that my play 'The Revenant's Carnival' will be issued on CD and download by Big Finish as part of the Bernice Summerfield: Missing Persons boxset in September. Written and recorded last year, it stars Lisa Bowerman, Thomas Grant, David Warwick and Susan Vidler. More details here.

17 April
I've just been commissioned to write another episode of Doctors, provisionally entitled 'What She Said'. Hurrah!

News - 2012

4 December
A week until my next Doctors episode airs! Directed by the brilliant Baff Akoto, 'Stockholm Syndrome' guest stars Justin Avoth, Keeley Forsyth and Paul Loughran, and as ever is on BBC1/BBC1 HD at 1.45pm on 11 December (repeated on BBC HD later that afternoon, and then on iPlayer for 7 days). This one's like a little episode of Spooks...

10 August
My Doctors script has been locked off, and my work is done! I believe a director has been assigned - I'll post casting details or anything else I'm allowed to as and when. I hope you like the end result if you see it in December!

25 June
I'm chuffed to say I've been commissioned to write another episode of of Doctors. 'Stockholm Syndrome' will be on your screens in December - now I just need to go and write it.

17 February
If you were able to watch 'Naqam' yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it. Various people - OK, two of you - have asked about the episode title. I had quite a lot of story to get through, so various scenes were either deleted or edited before transmission, which means a few explanations and bits of background were lost. If you're interested, I've created a little PDF of some of these scenes (click here to read it). It proves the old adage that less is more as I think I prefer the transmitted version.

Oh, please make sure you watch the episode first!

13 February
'Naqam', my tenth episode of Doctors, is on BBC1/BBC1 HD at 1.45pm this Thursday (repeated on BBC HD later that afternoon, and then on iPlayer for a month).

As with most episodes of Doctors, there's a bit of ongoing serial, but it's largely a self-contained drama. I wanted this one to be like Waking the Dead, only in miniature and on a daytime budget! It stars Owen Brenman, Diane Keen, Jan Pearson, Tom Roberts, Philip Bird, Sally Watts, and the legend that is Edward de Souza.

News - 2011

21 November
My Sarah Jane Adventures audiobook, Children of Steel, which is now in shops and available from all online retailers, and Scott Gray's Judgement Day, are "among the best of the range". So says the review in the latest Doctor Who Magazine, which is out now.

In other news, my latest Doctors has now been filmed - I can't wait to tell you who's in it!

22 September
It's been mentioned in Doctor Who Magazine, so I guess it's safe to announce... I've written a Sarah Jane Adventures audiobook, Children of Steel. The reader is Daniel Anthony, who it was my pleasure to meet after the recent screening of 'Sky' at the BFI, and it's out in November.

21 September
I've finished my latest episode of Doctors (provisionally entitled 'Naqam'). Now it's over to the producer and director...!

16 August
I've started work on my tenth episode of Doctors! It's quite an unusual story, I think, but if all goes according to plan it will be on BBC1 in February.

11 March
Less than a week until my next episode of Doctors! 'Pretending to See the Future' is on BBC1 and BBC1 HD at 1.45pm on Thursday 17 March and again on BBC HD at 4pm (and then available on iPlayer for a week). It stars the wonderful Luisa Bradshaw-White (who I still remember as Kira in the seminal This Life) as a woman who believes she has travelled forward in time. It also features Janet Dibley, Joe Sargent, David Partridge, Adrian Lewis Morgan, Lorna Laidlaw, Richard Corgan and Sophie Abelson.

If you're able to watch, please do!

10 February
I've just read the first print reviews of The Jade Pyramid. Doctor Who Magazine called it "delicate and mature" with writing that was "rich in detail and atmosphere", and SFX councluded it was "an enjoyable romp that features yet another characterful and lively reading from Matt Smith". There are more online reviews here, here and here.

8 January
The Jade Pyramid, my Doctor Who audiobook read by Matt Smith, was released on Thursday, and is available from bricks-and-mortar bookshops and online retailers. The first reviews seem positive (click here and here)...

News - 2010

15 November
The cover of my Doctor Who audiobook The Jade Pyramid has been spotted in the wild. Click here to have a little look.

25 October
My latest Doctors script has been locked off. 'Pretending to See the Future' will be on BBC1 and BBC1 HD in March, 2011.

29 September
I've just noticed that my Doctor Who audiobook The Jade Pyramid gets its first mention in Doctor Who Magazine. It's set in feudal Japan, and the story was recorded by new Doctor Matt Smith back in June. It will be released in January 2011. Also, my Merlin novelisation is published tomorrow! It's available from all good book shops and, most probably, one or two average ones as well.

2 September
I've just been commissioned to write a new episode of Doctors. More details to follow.

8 July
A new look for the website - and some 'new news' about my most recent work for Doctor Who... (Click here or here for more details!)

3 March
Less than a week until my next episode of Doctors! 'Bleeding' is on BBC1 on Tuesday 9th March at 1.45pm, and on BBC HD at 6pm the same day. (It will also be on iPlayer all week.) I've watched it already, and I'm delighted with the end results. Please tune in if you can.

7 January
I'm pleased to announce that I'm adapting Howard Overman's Merlin TV episode 'Lancelot and Guinevere' into a novel for teenagers to be published by Random House Children's Books later in the year. Click here to pre-order from Amazon!

4 January
I've just been told that my next episode of Doctors got a mention on Digital Spy back in November...! There's an interview with ex-Hollyoaks actor Barry Sloane here.

News - 2009

12 November
Last week I had the very great pleasure of watching my latest episode of Doctors being filmed. Massive thanks to director Rob Rohrer, actors Chris Walker, Tom Roberts, Barry Sloane and Marcquelle Ward, and the entire team, for putting so much work and energy into this. Thanks also to Neil Irvine, my script editor, for driving me to the location. I can't wait to see the end results.

16 October
'Bleeding', my eighth episode of Doctors, has been locked off.

7 September
I've started work on 'Bleeding', a new episode of Doctors. If all goes to plan it'll be on BBC1 in March 2010 - but first things first, let's get the script done...

18 August
At the end of the month I'll be at the Greenbelt arts festival, talking about Doctor Who and/or comics. More details here.

24 July
In October I hope to be attending a 'pubcon' in Manchester celebrating the world of Doctor Who novels. You can get tickets from here.

24 April
We're off to the TV BAFTAs again on Sunday!

News - 2008

10 December
I've just been told that Crisis Control begins its run on CBBC on Friday 2nd January at 4.30pm. If you (or your children!) are fans of things like Scorpion Island and Raven, do tune in!

29 November
BBC1 are showing my next episode of Doctors on Monday 8th December. 'Pink Ribbon' stars Paul Moriarty and Hazel Ellerby (best known for roles in EastEnders and Peak Practice respectively).

25 September
My little self-contained comic strip 'The Alice in Wonderland Circuit' appears in Doctor Who Adventures issue 83, out today.

2 September
Just a reminder that my Doctors episode 'The Horrors', starring Ashley George and Emily Aston, is on BBC1 on Monday 8th September at 1.45pm.

21 August
Part one of my new comic strip, 'Attack of the Mange Mites!', appears in the current issue of Doctor Who Adventures. It will be followed by my first three-part story, 'By Order of the Bone Menders'.

15 August
My latest episode of Doctors has been signed off. All things being equal, 'Pink Ribbon' will be transmitted in early December.

2 August
I have just finished work on all thirteen episodes of series one of Red Alert (now likely to be called Crisis Control).

8 July
Doctors have commissioned me to write another episode, provisionally entitled 'Pink Ribbon'.

23 June
I'm delighted to say I've been asked to open the new library at the Park School in Yeovil on Thursday.

21 May
I'm about to start working on Red Alert (provisional title), a new series for CBBC.

30 April
'The Horrors' has been signed off, and will be on BBC1 in early September.

1 April
I'm writing 'The Horrors', another episode of Doctors.

7 February
Part one of 'The Halls of Sacrifice' appears in Doctor Who Adventures issue 50, out today. The comic strip concludes next week, and is followed by another two-part story, 'The Old Kings of Skarab'.

2 January
I will be speaking at the Yeovil Community Arts Association event at the Johnson Studio on 10th January. If you happen to be in the area, do come along!

News - 2007

30 October
My Doctors episode 'Angels and Shadows' is on BBC1 on Friday 9th November at 2.05pm. It stars Martyn Read, Simon Scott and George Pensotti.

19 July
My comic strip 'The Last Soldier' starts in the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, published today. The story concludes in two weeks.

2 July
My next Doctors story has been signed off. It will be transmitted in November. The audiobook version of Wooden Heart is released today; there is a little review of it on the BBC Doctor Who website here.

24 May
Part one of my first ever comic strip, 'The Green, the Bad and the Ugly', appears in Doctor Who Adventures today. Part two will be along in a couple of weeks.

17 May
I've been commissioned to write another episode of Doctors - and I'm going to the BAFTA TV awards on Sunday!

19 April
Doctor Who: Wooden Heart, my novel featuring the tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, is officially published today. (If you would like to order it online, it's available here and here, and doubtless elsewhere.) It will be released as an (abridged) audiobook in July, read by Adjoa Andoh.

News - 2006

7 December
Just a reminder: my Doctors story 'All You Need is...' will be transmitted on BBC1 on 18th December. It stars Gareth Hunt, Tim Briggs and Heather Bleasdale. As reported in Doctor Who Magazine and elsewhere, I'm working on a novel for the BBC featuring the tenth Doctor and new companion Martha.

17 November
No Man's Land is now in the shops. (Incidentally, here is my (unused) version of the back cover blurb.)

4 August
The Doctor Who audio adventure No Man's Land (formerly We are the Dead) has now been recorded. It stars Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier, Michael Cochrane, Rob Dixon, Rupert Wickham, Oliver Mellor, Ian Hayles, and Michael Adams. More details here.

10 July
'All You Need is...' has been signed off. (I'll just note here, in passing, that Doctor Who: The Sleep of Reason was voted third best Eighth Doctor novel (out of 73) in the final online Doctor Who Novel Rankings. Thanks to all who voted for it.)

23 May
My next episode of Doctors - 'All You Need is...' - has been commissioned.

14 March
'ASBO' stars Josef Altin, Julia Worsley, and Jeanne Mockford (who you might remember as Senna the Soothsayer from Up Pompeii!). We are the Dead has been pencilled in for a November release.

News - 2005

26 September
I have been commissioned to write We are the Dead for Big Finish's Doctor Who range.

16 September
My third episode of Doctors has been signed off. It will be transmitted on 21st March 2006. My last Doctor Who novel was voted second best of 2004 by readers of Doctor Who Magazine.

15 July
I've been commissioned to write 'ASBO', another episode of Doctors.

27 January
My latest story for Doctors has been signed off, and it will be transmitted on Tuesday 24th May (BBC1).

News - 2004

8 December
I have been commissioned to write a second script for Doctors called 'The Girl Who Came Back'. Doctor Who - A Christmas Treasury, featuring a short story of mine, is published this month (and can be ordered here).

25 October
Magazine reviews of The Sleep of Reason have been broadly positive. SFX called it "one of the most elegant Doctor Who novels ever written" (and awarded it five stars); Doctor Who Magazine concluded: "Filled with disturbing scenes and horrific images, The Sleep of Reason is one of the grimmer Eighth Doctor books - and also one of the best recently." There is an interview with me on the BBC's Doctor Who site here. The Discontinuity Guide, a Doctor Who reference guide written with Paul Cornell and Keith Topping, is about to be reprinted by MonkeyBrain Books in the US. I will be attending the Gallifrey convention in LA in 2005 (more details here).

22 July
The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine carries a mini-interview with me as part of a 'Coming Soon' piece on The Sleep of Reason, which is officially due out on 2nd August. The novel can be pre-ordered here. I will also be doing a book signing at the Tenth Planet shop in Barking on 31st July.

16 June
My first story for Doctors has been signed off the producer. It will be transmitted on BBC1 on Friday 7th January 2005 at 2.05pm.

3 June
I've just received the draft cover of my Doctor Who novel, The Sleep of Reason. Click here to see it.

11 May
I have been commissioned to write a script for Doctors entitled 'True Romance'.

(...if you're wondering what happened to the old site, it's still here...)